Cell Tower Lease Consultants: Why You Need One for Your Lease Buyout

Once a cell tower is erected on your property, there are chances of being contacted by a company that wants to buy your lease. This is known as cell tower lease buyout. In cell tower lease buyouts, you exchange your right to receive cell tower lease rent with a lump sum payment. The buyer may offer to buy your cell tower lease rent for the entire lease period. The buyer may offer hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, cash payment, for the lease. A buyout can be an attractive offer if you need immediate cash.

Cell Tower Lease Buyouts

                          Cell Tower Lease Buyouts

But, how do you know that the offer is fair? And, how do you get the top dollar for your lease? In many cases, the person who presents you the offer is a sales delegate – he will receive a high commission for a lower purchase price. You might end up selling your lease as much as 70% below market price if the offer is unsolicited. It is advisable to hire a cell tower lease buyouts expert to help you navigate the transactions. So, how exactly will the lease buyout company help you?

They Will Help You Understand Buyouts

Cell tower lease buyouts are complicated transactions. Many landowners lack adequate knowledge about the cell tower itself, let alone the purchase offer to buy the lease. While your lawyer might seem like the best person to run to, there is a likelihood that he has never engaged in a cell tower lease buyout. Even if he has done one or two, he might not be fully aware of all the nuances of these agreements. Besides that, he might not be able to track the offers on an hourly basis as a cell tower lease consultant can. He may lack access to a database of past buyout offers upon which to compare current offers. A cell tower lease consulting company will not only have a database of thousands of buyouts to compare with current offers, but they can also tell you which company is likely to live up to its deal and which one is likely not to. They know the A – Z of new cell tower leases and can educate you on the same. With specific knowledge in cell tower lease consultancy, they know how to increase cell tower lease rates.

They’ll Help You Get Top Dollar for Your Lease

In as much as you’re in need of immediate cash, may be to reinvest in another property or to pay off a debt, you need to get a genuine pay for your lease. Your cell tower lease might be of the same value as a house, if not more. If it makes sense to hire a real estate agent to sell your home, then it certainly makes sense to hire a cell tower lease consultant. The consultant will negotiate the transaction on your behalf and make sure that you receive a top dollar for the lease. In addition, consultants help with cell tower lease extensions and this can significantly help to increase the buyout rates.

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