Top Ways to Make Your HVAC Equipment Last Longer

HVAC systems represent a vital investment concerning your comfort and health. With that in mind, it is important to ensure that the system runs smoothly and lasts longer. You should be in touch with registered specialists for residential heating repair to offer regular checkups on all your systems.

By engaging reliable heating cooling system contractors in Nashville, you can improve the efficiency and durability of your HVAC systems. Research shows that standard HVAC systems last for about fifteen years after which, they need regular replacement due to loss of performance, change in the standard of the industry, and breakdown. However, you may realize that with good care and maintenance, your unit could function even past its recommended shelf life. In addition to engaging a residential heating repair specialist, these tips could help prolong the life of your HVAC system.

Have scheduled preventive maintenance

It is unrealistic to assume that your unit can run smoothly forever. However, in most mechanical systems there should be a regular replacement of parts due to breakdown. Therefore, it is good to catch potential issues before they turn into serious problems. Practicing scheduled preventive maintenance is one of the effective and easiest ways to increase its lifespan.

HVAC system service and checkup should include inspection of electrical connections, blower, thermostat, and the controls. Having your system checked frequently take less time and could save you from failure risks and increased energy bills.

Regular replacement of air filters

Regular changing of air filters in your system is another important measure you can take to increase its performance and duration. A clean air filter keeps unwanted particles from the system and helps furnace and AC run efficiently, as they do not need to strain to heat or cool. Dense pleated air filters capture smaller particles and increase the overall quality of air in the system. Determining how often you should change your filters depends on the type of air filters you use. However, many residential heating repair experts recommend replacing them after 90 days.

Keep everything clean

The same way it is important to keep your filters free of debris and dust, it is also crucial to ensure the system gets cleaned at the start of every season. This is because a collection of dirt can lower their performance. When cleaning the system, check the passages to and from the Precision Heating & Air for excessive dirt that could cause the unit to perform harder than it should. In addition, it is also important to involve a specialist to have the compressors and coils in the system professionally cleaned. Professional cleaning ensures your unit works effectively and prevents the risks of unprofessional cleaning.

Give the unit a break

Like other mechanical systems, an HVAC unit needs some time off. This prevents it from wearing out too quickly. Therefore, you can support your unit by giving it some downtime by turning it off when leaving the house or using fans in the ceiling and floor in a cool weather.

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