Types of Signs You can Opt For

As you move from place to place, there are always signs selling something and directing you there. A world without these signs is unimaginable and with time the posters and boards are giving way to digital screens. Recenty, it was observed that more and more people are opting for signs that are highly illuminated. Not only that, they prefer big letters so that they are able to convey their message clearly through the signs. This has led to a growth in the sign industry. A sign maker designs, makes and fits signs for commercial and non-commercial purposes. Overall, the work of a sign maker Perth market has today, if you live there, is to display your brand. In order to get the best sign maker Perth based, it’s important to know the different types of signs which are highlighted below.

Electrical signs

One of the signs designed by a sign maker Perth based is an electrical sign. Electrical signs are lighted signs that can be attached to a building or can be free standing. They are designed to be larger and are made with a lot of fabrication, painting, and welding. The sign maker companies that make electrical signs have plenty of construction space, for example, a large warehouse and tend to make only this type of signs. Examples of electrical signs are billboards, channel letter signs and lighted marquee signs for malls among others. Check Kingman Visual for more details.

Sand blasted signs

Another type of sign is the sand blasted sign which is of a very specific kind. These require a lot of art to be involved in the design and have very specific sand blasting equipment for making them. Like electrical signs, the makers of sand blasted signs tend to make only this type of signs due to their specificity and laborious process involved in making them. The making of this sign requires specialized sign makers who will have no time doing anything else once they start making sand blasted signs. These signs are important due to their presence in retail and the general public as well. They are very unique and every sign is different.

Screen printing

Then there is screen printing done by building sign writers in Perth. Screen printing was previously being done in local sign shops and some are still doing so. However, screen printing has been taken over by large industrial firms. With the internet present, these big companies can set up workspace in warehouses that are cheap and affordable to make the screen prints and later sell them all over the world by shipping them.


This is a broad category covering many different products like a pen with a company name designed or written on it, to a LED message on a baseball field created by a sign company Perth for LED signs. The shops that make these signs have the biggest retail presence and are the ones most people go to when they want to have signs made. They are popular for yard signs, vehicle graphics and t-shirts to name a few.

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